Hey Everyone,
Another month has come and gone, and I never feel like I am getting
enough done. I have always been amazed at what people can
accomplish when they put their minds to it. I have come to realize that
everyone has a long list of things they would like to get done and not
enough time to do it. So, we have to learn to prioritize, or in the case of
the club, to delegate to others. I just want to say thank you to all the
people in this club that donate their time and efforts, take time away
from their own list, and get things done.
We find ourselves in need of a new Secretary. Tasia has been great but
because of other things in her life she is unable at this time to continue
serving in this position. If you are interested in helping out we will be
having a special election in April to fill the vacant position. Please let
me know if you are interested before March 31st.
I don’t know how many of you are aware, but we are developing a new
website for the club. It is going well and we should have some limited
content already. Go check it out at cacherockandgemclub.com. April’s
newsletter will come from a different email address that is associated
with the website, so next month watch for an email from
May is coming fast and the Show committee is still going to need help.
Watch for emails about work meetings to put together bags for the kids
club tables and get the new trailer stocked. Also the flyer for this year
should be on Facebook so please share it with everyone. The show
dates are May 19 – 21.
The monthly meeting for March is the 10th at 7:00 PM at the Cache
County Fairgrounds Event Center. It should be a great meeting. Hope to
see you all there.
Bret Fonnesbeck

Hello fellow Rockhounds,
Spring is nearly here and that means it’s time to start preparing for
your first field trip of the season. This month’s program will prepare
you for collecting in the field. We will be discussing the necessary
items to bring, rockhounding code of ethics and public/private land
use. I promise it will be both educational and entertaining.
Remember we will also have our rock exchange “Bring a rock = Take a
rock”, auction plates and a new tub of bulk slabs. See you all at the

Well here it is March and the temperatures are still playing mind games with us. I am
so looking forward to the trip later this month, hopefully the weather will cooperate.
Also a reminder, if you are planning on going on the trips this year you will need to
show your membership card in order to participate. See you at the meeting.

Check out the calendar on the home page for trips.

Time is really flying by…welcome to MARCH. In February the Kids Club learned about plate
tectonics. Hopefully, they came home and could tell you something about it. Convergent
boundary, Divergent boundary and Transform boundary are some of the things they
learned. As well as, what can happen at those boundaries. March we will move on to learning
about volcanoes. It may be a little messy, but also fun! I’m trying to put together items that
will make it easier for the younger ones to build a volcano. THANK YOU parents, grandparents
that come to Kids Club. You are incredibly helpful.
Exciting news!! Kids Club will be working on and earning badges. This program is put together
by AFMS (American Federation of Mineralogical Society). The program is designed to reward
youth with a series of badges, patches, and a completion pin. To earn badges, they will need to
complete certain requirements. We will work on these requirements during our monthly
meetings. I will have more information to hand out at the March meeting. Thank you Patrick
Carroll, for introducing me to this great program.
It would be great to have any of you come in and share your knowledge with the Kids Club. Let
me know what you would like to share and I will get it scheduled.

See you soon - Maria

Why do we belong to Cache Rock and Gem Club or any other organization
serving one of our special interests? To “rub elbows” with people who are
interested in the same things that we enjoy. To share our experiences and
benefit from the knowledge of other people involved in similar activities. To learn
more about rockhounding and rock related skills. Many of us also belong to
stamp, photography, sewing, gardening, birding, or other clubs. Because of
these affiliations, we are able to meet, to learn from, and join with other people
who share our common interests.
Craig Stewart,
Committee’s Chairperson

Show Committee Member

Gary Allred

Cache Rock & Gem Club

Help Us Glow in the Dark

One of our Cache Rock Show’s new goals this year is adding fluorescent
mineral displays. We need to know who has fluorescent specimens that they
would like to show at the rock show in May. We need this information before the
club meeting on February 10.
We also need to beg, borrow or steal and perhaps buy some fluorescent lights.
A short wave or long wave bulb can be more than a little pricey, $500 to $2600!!!
If you know anyone out there that might have a light, perhaps an older member
let us know. Contact Patrick Carroll 435-770-7851 or Gary Allred 307-747-5479

Download a full pdf of the Rock show here.

Download the pdf version of the newsletter here.