Hey Everyone,
We are just 2 weeks away from the Annual Rock and Gem Show. There
is still a ton of stuff to get done. If you haven’t volunteered to help out
at a specific spot at the show you can just show up and we will have a
spot that needs help. For those of you that have never been to the
show or volunteered it is a ton of fun. We also get the opportunity to
meet and connect with some amazing people.

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This month’s meeting is our “get ready for the show” work meeting. We
have to go thru the trailer and make sure everything is ready and load
up the rocks for the auction. Make sure all of the cases are still okay
and fill about 400 bags for the kid’s club. Though this seems like a lot to
get done it really isn’t too bad with plenty of help. Please bring any
rocks that you are donating to fill the bags.

This month’s meeting will be at my home in Mendon on May 12th at
6:00 PM. The address is 53 E 400 N Mendon. We are meeting early this
month but you are welcome to come anytime between 6 and 8 PM. We
are also going to have a dessert potluck so bring your favorite dessert to
share with the group.

There is a lot going on right now and I really appreciate all of the
members that step up and get things done. We have an amazing show
committee that has done a spectacular job getting everything ready for
the show. I would like to thank everyone for their time and effort.
Remember the trip this weekend to the Blue Forest. More importantly
don’t forget Mother’s Day.
See you all at the meeting.
Bret Fonnesbeck

Well April is in the book, for those that braved the Utah spring weather, the trip to Topaz was a successful one, a lot of good material was found including red beryl and good Topaz despite the snow and wind. The trip to Woodruff was another good one, we were able to get enough fossils for the show and for the members as well.

This month we only have one trip planned, and it will be this coming weekend
(5/7) out to the blue forest for petrified wood. This is another good trip, the wood is some of the most prized by collectors for its color and woodgrain, watch for an email with directions. We’ll see you there. Also, remember the show is this month, get ready for a great time with great people, please plan on helping out where you can you won’t regret it.
Dave Nielsen

Blue Forest Trip Fossilized Wood Directions
Saturday, May 7
Leave Logan at 7 AM.
Take highway 89 through Garden City to Highway 30.
Take HW 30 to the Kemmerer exit. About 1 hour 45 minutes.
Stop to meet at the first Gas Station on the left (Chevron).
Meet at 9 AM.
Group will leave from there at 9:15.
Call Gary Allred 307-747-5479 or Tom Willmore 435-770-
5354 for additional information

Day trip, Blue forest, 5/7
Gary 307-747-5479
Tom 435-770-5354

Day trip, Luckystar mine, 6/11
Bret 435-757-4927
Long trip, Milford **, 6/17-19
Patrick 435-770-7851

Day trip, Kemmerer fish**, 7/16
Larry 801-592-5944
Day trip, Bob & Maria’s, TBT

Day trip, Texas springs, 8/13
Bret 435-757-4927
Tom 435-770-5354
Long trip, Salina, 8/19-21
Larry 801-592-5944

Day trip, Hannah honeycomb onyx, ** 9/10
Patrick 435-770-7851
Long trip, Hanksville, 9/15-18
Gary 307-747-5479

Long trip, Tonopah/goldfield** 10/7-9
Gary 307-647-5479
Dave 435-213-7453
Day trip, Spiral jette 10/15
Bret 435-757-4927
Dave 435-213-7453

Check out the calendar on the home page calendar for trips.


Kid’s Club Manager
Maria Gates
Greetings from Kids Club

We had a great April meeting talking about VOLCANOS. This is one more item the kids can check off in working towards their Earth Processes badge.

We had 32 kids attend last month. It is great having so many interested in ROCKS! I will be dividing Kids Club into two groups, older and younger. Both classes will be discussing the same topic, it will just be geared towards the age level. If you would like to help with Kids Club (it is a wonderful place) please let me know.

Our May meeting will be a work meeting to get ready for the show. There will be no separate Kids Club. We are in need rocks for the Rock Show. We need rocks for the Mystery Bags that we sell, as well as rocks for the Wheel. If you have any rocks that you are willing to donate, please bring them to the May meeting. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

I think it would be a terrific opportunity for the older kids in Kids Club to spend some time at our booth during the Rock Show. If you have time you can spend with your child helping let me know.

I am ordering T-Shirts for Kids Club members. Please get with me and let me know what sizes your children will need.

See you soon – Maria

Show Committee Members

April has gone by very fast, and the show is at hand! Thanks to all the club members who have signed up to help. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up, please see if you can find a time to come and enjoy helping at the show. The show chairmen are working hard to make sure everything is in order. The club needs a lot of support and help to make the show a success.

As a reminder the show schedule is May 18 set up, starting at 8:00am, the show is the 19th through the 21st. May 19th and 20th 10 am to 7 pm and May 21st 9 am to 6 pm, at the Cache County Events Center.

Show setup 8:00 am to Noon, Chairman Larry Christiansen, Vendor setup starts at noon. Display case setup, Chairman Gary Allred, will be concurrent with show setup. Show take-down will start at the close of the show on the 21st.

Other areas that will be included are, Front Desk/Greeting area Chairmen, Craig Stewart and Tom Wilmore. Raffle/Door prizes Chairmen, Chuck and Dixie Wilson, Silent auction Chairman, Arno Metting, Kids club Chairman, Maria Gates.

Advertising Chairman, LuAnne Wilmore, Donations Chairman (local merchants), Dawnette Hunter, UV Display Chairmen, Patrick Carroll and Gary Allred.

Please take note of the updates from the chairmen in the newsletter and see where you may be able to lend a hand.

I want to add a special thank you the chairmen for their willingness to help and keep us on track.


Join the FUN Front Desk Team

Join the rock show front desk team and work with fun people. Greet show attendees
as they come in, hand out club information brochures, give prize drawing tickets to
show attendees and receive money for entrance to the show. Training takes less the10
minutes. A written guide will be available at all times while working at the front
desk. Sign up early and choose your schedule-29 openings available. Text Craig
Stewart at 435-730-5556 or see him at April’s club meeting for schedule times.


We need help with setup and takedown. Setup will be on Wednesday May 18
starting at 8:00 AM and trying to get setup complete by 12:00 Noon for the
vendors. Take down will be after the show ends on Saturday May 21 at 6:00 PM
until it is done. There will not be a signup sheet for these since no particular
schedule of peoples time is necessary. The more help we get the better,
especially for take down on Saturday evening. The more help we have the
quicker and easier these tasks will be. If you have a little time to spare to help it
would be appreciated. Thank You.
Larry Christiansen



In search of a few “CRGC” members to become dynamic sales persons, for
our silent auction. No experience necessary just a willingness to sell LOTS of
rocks at our ROCK SHOW on May 19, 20, 21.

You get to see LOTS of rocks, SMILES on the faces of successful bidders and
buyers, a warm feeling of helping our GREAT club provide information and
education of rocks, minerals, and lapidary.

To join this squad of select, super sellers, come to the show and take a place at
the auction/sales table any time that is convenient for you. No sign up or
reservations necessary. Join the fun!!

If selling, “Mother Earths Treasures”, is not your favorite thing to do, come
see us at the auction/sales table and let us find that perfect job for
you. REMEMBER, the show keeps the club going to provide information and
education of rocks, minerals, and lapidary.


Show Committee Members


WE NEED: A few rocks and mineral, slabs, cabs, specimens, you name it. They
will be used for the silent auction sale to support our club. Dig deep into your
buckets, boxes, hidden corners and shelves, and find those rocks you forgot
you had, please just remember if you would not buy it, we probably cannot sell
it. PLEASE clean and label (rock name and/or location) of your donations. We
can use an estimated value of the items also. Remember, PRETTY, sells and
supports our club.

ALSO NEEDED: Raffle and door prizes, our members create some fantastic rock
and gem related items. We can always use your creations for raffle
prizes. Giving of your time to create, has much more value than the items.
Bring you donations to our meetings or to the show. The show is less than 45
short days away.

For the rest please download the pdf.

Download the pdf version of the newsletter here.