Hey Everyone, I hope everyone is having a good winter. Spring is around the corner and that means getting out again. For those of you who are as excited as me to get out I hope you have seen our trip list for this year. We have some good trips this year. So get your rockhounding gear ready and let’s have a good year. We also have the annual rock show coming up in a few months. For those of you who have not been involved with the show you are missing out. We always meet such amazing people at the show, get a chance to make new friends, and visit with old ones. We have a great Show Committee in place and as usual they will be looking for volunteers to help at the show. If you helped out last year and wish to again that would be great. If you did not but would like to, I can point you in the right direction. The show generates the club income for the year and without it the club will cease to exist. As usual we will be having our monthly meeting at the Cache County Fairgrounds Event Center on the second Thursday February 10th at 7:00 PM. Patrick always has an interesting presentation for us and I am sure this month will be excellent as well. Please remember it is time to renew your memberships. We will have forms at the meeting, or you can print one from the Facebook group files and mail it in. For those of you that have not been to a meeting for a while we have new membership cards that you get when your membership is renewed. Due to some problems last year with non-members on trips we will be requiring people to have their card to go out on the trips with us. You are welcome to bring friends and family as long as you are responsible for them. Unfortunately, not everyone has respect for private property and for the rules that rockhounds are supposed to follow. We will be covering those rules and other safety concerns in a future meeting. We are working on a new website. It is going to be up and running in the next month or two. It is going to have some cool new features and some content that is for members only. We are really excited about the ways it will help us to keep the club running smoothly, and the potential for growth it will provide. I know there are a lot of you that want to help out and have some talents and experience that would be beneficial to the club. We are always looking for ideas to improve and are in need of help. If you have input or want to help, please contact one of the Presidency and let us know. Again, thanks for all that you do. I am very grateful for those of you who are willing to pitch in and get things done. See you at the meeting.


Hello friends, Hope you are well and enjoying life to the fullest. This month’s program will be the one I hoped to give last month and will be on making the most of 2022 with the hobby we enjoy. Also, a few ideas for winter activities while waiting for the weather to get warm again. Looking forward to seeing all of you as I missed all the smiling faces last month. Remember we will have our rock exchange “Bring a rock = Take a rock”, auction plates and a new tub of bulk slabs. See you all at the meeting. Patrick

Well, here it is February already and in a little over a month we will hopefully be going on our first outing of the year. I am posting the trip list again for those that did not receive It. NOTE: the ** include pay digs, also keep in mind trip dates may change due to weather or leader’s discretion. Also, trip leader’s numbers are provided if you have questions about the trips. Get ready, it’s almost time!



Kids Club had fun in January! We learned about Utah’s state rock, mineral and gem. Do you know what they are? Utah’s state rock is Coal, mineral is Copper, and the gem is Topaz. As a group we looked at a map of Utah and found sites where you can find these. We also created pictures about what we learned. I’m planning on displaying these pictures at the Rock Show. Speaking about the Rock Show…I’m looking for volunteers to help with the Kids area at the show. If you would like to help let me know. It’s actually lots of fun and will be here before you know it! For Februarys meeting I’m planning on discussing volcanoes. How can you tell when a volcano is angry? They blow their tops. If any of you have would like to come in and share your knowledge about rocks with the Kids Club, I would welcome that! See you soon - Maria


Shed Rules

*Three people in the shed to maintain space & social distancing. *The shed is open on Wednesday Evenings 5-8pm Thursday Evenings 5-8pm (except meeting nights) Saturday Mornings 9am-1pm *By appointment only! *Please contact Larry Christophersen @ (435)723-6476 for Wednesday and Saturday meetings. You may text, but start the text out with CRGC. If Larry does not answer please leave a voicemail and he will get back with you. You can also email Larry at larry0021@comcast.net Please contact Lance Gates at (435)881-4371, text is best. Masks can be worn, but are not required.

Shed Information (Larry Christophersen) We feel we need to help everyone know what the shed is when we discuss it at our meetings. First off at the current time our lapidary equipment is set up in a storage bay in Hyrum. We have the following equipment available. Oil saws 20 inch, 18 inch, 14 inch and 10 inch. These saws are operated by the shed managers. There are 2, 6 wheel polishing machines, as well as 2 machines for the first 2 polishing stages. There is 1 flat lap with changeable lap plates. There is also a 3 wheel buffing/polishing machine. We try to be open 2-3 times a week, depending on meetings, collecting trips and holidays. Because of our location we are unable to be open in freezing weather! If you have questions regarding capabilities and what lapidary entails feel free to contact us. Larry Christophersen 435-723-6476 larry-0021@comcast.net Lance Gates 435-881-4371


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