President’s Message

Hey Everyone,

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What an amazing show! We had a great turnout, and some amazing vendors. The Show Committee did an outstanding job and we had plenty of volunteers. I am always amazed by some of the members of this club and how willing they are to help out when needed. We have some talented people in this club. Thank you everyone that pitched in to help.

Our meeting this month is at the Cache County Fairgrounds Event Center on Thursday June 9th at 7:00 PM. Come out and join us. Help us welcome the new members and get to know some of us that have been around a while.

Many opportunities present themselves to share our club with others and help others learn what we know. I hope you share when those opportunities happen to you. We currently have the shed open and it presents a great opportunity to learn what to do with your rocks. We have a great crew out there that can teach you a lot of things.

Enjoy this month’s trip to the Milford Area. We have had to cancel the Lucky Star trip so we will try to reschedule it. Remember that you need a current membership card in order to go on the trips. For you new members you can get your card at the meeting or on the trip from the trip leader. Hope to see you all there.

Thank you for all you do.

Bret Fonnesbeck

1st Vice President’s Message

Hello everyone, We had a great show! I also want to thank you all for your hard work!!

This month’s program will be another episode of Rock Jeopardy. If you have played before you know what to do. If you are new this is a fun and challenging game you will enjoy. We will once again break into teams for a little friendly completion. I will have new questions so gear up, put your smarty caps on and prepare to win.

I will also be leading this Month’s weekend trip to Milford on the 25th and 26th. This trip is a good one and we will be getting some great material. First will meet Saturday morning 10:30 am at the “Milford Veteran’s Park & Garden” located at 600 S and Main Street. Google maps says the trip will take about 5 hours, so plan accordingly. There is BLM land for camping and a Travelodge motel in town. From the park we will first be going to Rock Dream’s Bubble Opal mining claim. This is an amazing place for some very unique rock and is the only place to get this valuable material. This mine has so many different styles and colors to collect. Some rocks are red and orange looking like flames burning, some are red and white looking like slices of bacon, others are layered colorful bands that look like hard candy and some have completely translucent layers that make great cabs. If you have heard the terms “Wildfire Opal”, “Bacon Opal”, “Candy Opal” and “Hyalite opal”, they all come from this mine. So many different styles in one location. Because we are visiting an active claim there is a fee involved and the cost is $100 per 5 gallons. My bucket last year weighed about 35-40 pounds so it worked out to around $2-3 a pound. It is an easy collecting spot just drive up and start picking up. No hiking, minimal digging and great for kids.

After the bubble opal mine we will be going to collect Picasso marble stone. This is another great material! Picasso stone has picturesque scenes that look like painting of trees, bamboo and such. (Well, that’s what I see at least!) This is another “drive right to” spot but does require 4 wheel drive to get through some washed out runoff ruts. Some people may need to park and ride together once we get close.

Sunday we will meet again at the Milford Veteran’s Park & Garden, 10:30 AM ,and then go collect at a couple of Obsidian spots for black, mahogany and snowflake material. There is a ton of material in these pits and it is very easy to fill a bucket in a short amount of time.

I look forward to seeing you for a fun weekend!

Thanks again for all you do and the friendships you share!


2nd Vice President’s Message

First off, I would like to thank everyone who helped with the show. Wherever you helped it made a huge difference to the success that we had, all I heard were compliments on how well organized our club is, that says a lot about the members commitment, and especially to the show committee for taking charge of their areas and making them work so well. And one last thank you to Larry for taking on the show chair position and keeping us all on track.

The next trip is Milford, note the dates have changed to the 25-26 Saturday - Sunday, there is a lot of nice material in this area, one of these sights is a pay dig, more info to come at the club meeting, we will see you there.

Dave Nielsen

Blue Forest Trip Fossilized Wood Directions
Saturday, May 7
Leave Logan at 7 AM.
Take highway 89 through Garden City to Highway 30.
Take HW 30 to the Kemmerer exit. About 1 hour 45 minutes.
Stop to meet at the first Gas Station on the left (Chevron).
Meet at 9 AM.
Group will leave from there at 9:15.
Call Gary Allred 307-747-5479 or Tom Willmore 435-770-
5354 for additional information

Day trip, Blue forest, 5/7
Gary 307-747-5479
Tom 435-770-5354

Long trip, Milford **, 6/17-19
Patrick 435-770-7851

Day trip, Kemmerer fish**, 7/16
Larry 801-592-5944
Day trip, Bob & Maria’s, TBT

Day trip, Texas springs, 8/13
Bret 435-757-4927
Tom 435-770-5354
Long trip, Salina, 8/19-21
Larry 801-592-5944

Day trip, Hannah honeycomb onyx, ** 9/10
Patrick 435-770-7851
Long trip, Hanksville, 9/15-18
Gary 307-747-5479

Long trip, Tonopah/goldfield** 10/7-9
Gary 307-647-5479
Dave 435-213-7453
Day trip, Spiral jette 10/15
Bret 435-757-4927
Dave 435-213-7453

Check out the calendar on the home page calendar for trips.

Chairman of Committees Message

On Saturday of the club rock show last month volunteer club members processed two thirds of the total attendance to the show at the front desk. That is in one day approx. 2400 people. At times there was a line up out the door to the street. The volunteer club members who worked on the front desk during all three days did a stellar job of meet, greet, process payments and give directions.

The club members who voluntarily worked the front desk were:

Susan and Dan Broshinsky, Kylie Allen, Randy Hill, Tom Carroll, Holly Wright, Jim Johnson, Rick Hepworth, Roy, Larry Christiansen, Mike and Dawnette Hunter, Shawn Christensen, Tom and LuAnn Willmore, Laura Lake, Bob and Karen Burns, Darren and Vikki Tingey, Jon and Laurie Hardman, and Sharla.

If I missed anyone, I apologize. Thanks to All.

Craig Stewart

Kid’s Club Manager
Maria Gates


Thanks to all of you who supported the Kids Club at the Rock Show. Thank you for the rock donations, helping put Mystery Rock Bags together and taking time to help at the Kids Club table. Your help is very appreciated. This year at the Rock Show we had some of the Kids Club members help at the table. They did a fantastic job handing out fossilized shells, helping with the Wheel of Fortune and keeping the table stocked with rocks. We were also fortunate to have a Kids Club display case. Members brought some of their favorite rocks to display. What a fantastic Rock Show!! I will be dividing Kids Club into two groups, by age. Both groups will be discussing the same topic and have an age-appropriate activity. I will prepare the material and have everything for the activity. However, I am needing volunteer(s) to help with the youngest group. If you are interested in helping, please let me know. I would like to order T-Shirts for Kids Club members. Please let me know what sizes your children need. As a reminder, kids five and under need to have an adult with them during the club meetings. There have been some problems with kids running around the building unsupervised after class. When class is over, I ask the members to go check in with their adult. Please be aware of where your children are.

See you soon – Maria

Show Committee Chairman

What a great show! A special thank you to all our show chairmen and all the volunteers that made our show a success. The show committee is having a meeting on June 3rd to go over the show, to see how we did and if there are any changes we need to make.

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